Patients often ask us to “lower” or “straighten” their hairline when having a hair transplant procedure done.

This answer will always vary depending on each patient. The good news is we can do some things to alter a pre existing hairline. Ther beauty of follicular unit hair grafting is that we can take individual hairs and use them to create a loer, yet still natural looking hair line.

The most important thing to remember is we will only alter your hairline in a “natural” manner.

We can create a lower, natural-looking hairline through this procedure by harvesting hair from the back of your head and placing it in individual units to achieve a less visible forehead. When designing a new hairline, we take into account several factors to deliver the most aesthetically pleasing result including ethnic variations and future aging patterns and we place sentinel hairs – the thin, fine hairs that naturally occur just below the hairline.

* Results and your patient experience may vary