Stand aside, ladies, and make room for the men! 15 years ago, you may have dominated the cosmetic field, but in those years the amount of men seeking age defying treatments have more than tripled. More and more men are taking to cosmetic procedures to look younger, more masculine, and to give themselves an edge whether it be to re-enter the dating world or compete with younger men in job opportunities. Whatever your reason is, Contour Dermatology can help! So today I’m going to talk to just the men about all the Mancedures (procedures for men!) offered here at Contour Dermatology.

First off, you can shop through our Mantry (Man Pantry) for some products that can really make a difference in your skin’s condition and appearance. You may be dealing with adult acne or dry skin, and the right product could be the best option for you. TNS Essential Serum uses proteins to naturally improve your skin and is a product that everyone can use. Luckily for you, our receptionists are product experts and can help you with everything from how to properly wash your face to which product is best for your unique skin needs.

If adult acne is already a problem, we have many solutions for you. Don’t think that your acne scars are doomed to stay with you forever. The dermaroller is great for helping diminish acne scars. Or, for the scars that have been around for what seems like forever, instead of the dermaroller, you may want to have a scar excision.

The Estheticians at Contour Dermatology, Ann Marie and Adriana, completely understand the rise of men in the cosmetic field of patients because they already see many male patients on a regular basis! If you want your nose waxed, or any type of Manscaping, these are the ladies to help. They also offer facials to fight acne and focus on your unique needs, pleasing tweezing for perfect eyebrows, chemical peels, and light and laser treatments. The best part about seeing an esthetician at Contour Dermatology is just that, we’re a dermatologist office, so they can do more than you would ever get at a regular spa.

Men tend to have a problem with hair; either there’s too much or there’s too little! We can help take care of both! With too much hair we can do laser hair removal on ears, chest, back, or anywhere you have a problem. Contour Dermatology also does two types of hair transplants. If surgery makes you a little weary, you can also use the Capillus to stimulate your natural hair growth. Whichever direction you need to take, know that you’ll be in good hands with a lot of experience.

Get selfie ready with Fillers or Brotox (botox), from a Doctor who is rated in the top one percent in the Nation for fillers. With his expertise, you’ll look so natural that no one will know you even got work done.  Doctor Jochen can also do mini face lifts or deal with submental fullness, or under chin fat, to get your selfies up to par.

Our Skinny Center is equipped for liposuction to deal with Moobs (Man Boobs) or any trouble area you would like to focus on. We also are now Dual Sculpting with two CoolScuplting machines! Opt out of surgery and freeze your fat away so it will never return.

As you can see, not only is Contour Dermatology excited about our Man Patients, we are ready to meet your every need! Come by Contour Dermatology today to see how we can help make you the man you want to be!

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