UltheraShape is a double-barreled approach to face and neck rejuvenation. In and of themselves, Ultherapy and VelaShape III are two effective non-invasive procedures that definitely make a difference. Taken together, these two cosmetic procedures deliver even more dramatic results. The results have proved so compelling, the Contour Team coined the term “UltheraShape” to best describe this dynamic combination.

The Components Of UltheraShape

Ultherapy is a deep ultrasound treatment that addresses the structural layers of the skin and provides both lifting and skin tightening on the brow, face, lower face, neck and chest. This non-surgical cosmetic procedure requires no downtime with just some brief swelling.

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VelaShape utilizes radiofrequency, mechanical suction and heat to smooth and tighten skin. Performed on the lower face and neck in this package, it’s also great for reducing cellulite and inches around the abdomen and thighs. Generally there are no side effects, although some short-term localized redness may occur.

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A greater whole

An UltheraShape Package is comprised of one Ultherapy treatment for the full face and full neck plus six VelaShape III treatments for two areas – the lower face and full neck. Protocol dictates that VelaShape treatments begin weekly, two weeks after the Ultherapy treatment.

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