Under-the-chin fat doesn’t stand a chance with CoolShape – a powerhouse combination of two non-surgical procedures. Fans of CoolSculpting® may already be familiar with the CoolMini™ applicator which is perfectly sized to target smaller areas. Contour Dermatology has teamed the procedure with smoothing and tightening VelaShape III laser treatments to achieve maximum results.

The Components

The CoolMini is FDA approved to reduce fat under the chin. It is a simple fat freezing procedure like standard CoolSculpting, but with a small area hand piece that tucks perfectly beneath the chin.

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VelaShape III utilizes radio-frequency, mechanical suction and heat to smooth and tighten skin. Performed on the lower face and neck, it’s also great for reducing cellulite and inches around the abdomen and thighs. Generally there are no side effects, although some short-term localized redness may occur.

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A Greater Whole

A CoolShape Mini Package is comprised of two CoolMini treatments spaced two months apart that target under-the-chin fat. They are combined with six VelaShape III treatments for the same area beginning weekly after month one.

Another benefit

Opting for the CoolShape Mini Package results in approximately a 20% cost savings.

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