Avoid the 'Turkey Waddle': Achieve a Youthful Neck

Discover Simple Steps & Cutting-Edge Treatments to Prevent and Correct Saggy Neck!

Tighten Turkey Neck

Avoid the 'Turkey Waddle': Achieve a Youthful Neck

Tighten Turkey Neck

Discover Simple Steps & Cutting-Edge Treatments to Prevent and Correct Saggy Neck!

In spirit of Thanksgiving we’ve decide to help you understand, avoid, and or treat a saggy neck commonly referred to  a the “Turkey Waddle”.

  1. Stay hydrated: allowing your skin to be properly hydrated means you’re skin will be more resilient and bounce back to where it belongs and not hang down.
  2. Maintain proper BMI: Maintaining a proper weight for your height is very important especially to prevent fat deposits from becoming exaggerated in areas that are hard to treat with just diet and exercise.
  3. Exercise the area: Tone your muscles and be aware of your body. You can tell when something isn’t feeling as tight as it should and do something about it!
    1. Sit straight, look up, and make chewing motion with mouth closed for 30 seconds. Repeat twice with a 10 second rest between each one
    2. Still sitting straight roll lips over your teeth, open mouth wide, roll head back, and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat twice with 10 second breaks
    3. Lie on your bed, hang your head off edge slowly and lift head up and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat twice with 10 second breaks in between.

If you already have the turkey neck problem we also offer several treatment options for you.

  1. Chin liposuction: Permanently remove the fat that is causing your neck to hang low in a simple 30 minute procedure under local anesthesia. This treatment will not remove excess skin but can aid in the reattachment of fallen skin due to the pulling down from fat deposits.
  2. Necklift: Surgically remove excess skin from your neck only. This procedure can also help with those weird bands you see that make your neck look older.
  3. Mini Facelift: A mini facelift is just that; not a full facelift since the obvious problem is in the lower region of your face. A minifacelift will not only act as a partial necklift but it will also help treat the sagging of your skin in the lower part of your face as well giving you a smooth and refreshed look.
  4. Ulthera: This is the only non-surgical device that has been FDA approved for lifting. Without needing to go under the knife you can now get improvement in this area with on simple hour procedure. The device uses ultrasound to stimulate collagen from within your tissue causing a reaction that effortlessly lifts the skin up.
  5. Sublative: This device is the only device FDA approved for tightening. This device is ideal for patients who don’t need a lot of lifting for their skin but want a tighter overall look. This treatment may take a few sessions but has been proven to effectively tighten up your neck and chin.
  6. Velashape II: This is one of the most noninvasive treatment options. This device uses radiofrequency and light to help achieve tightening. This device can be used on several areas on the body and is actually FDA approved for cellulite treatment. This device reduces circumference and tightens the area up to give you great results. This device will require several treatments and can typically be achieved in less than 4 weeks.

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