Most people ask why do I have gray hair? How can I avoid gray hair? Well for the most part gray hair is a genetic trait you are predisposed with. There are 3 major things you can learn about gray hair to help you cope.

  1. It’s genetic. For the most part if your mom, dad, grandfather, aunt, uncle, etc had gray hairs you will too. The age at which your family members began to show gray will probably be the same age you start seeing your gray hair come in as well. White people usually begin to notice gray hairs around their mid 30’s, Asian’s around their mid 30’s, and African Americans will note gray hairs after they’ve turned 40.
  2. Stress may cause quicker onset. Studies have shown that graying can be a direct result of chronic free radical damage; stress being the free radical. Stress hormones produce inflammation producing free radicals that influence melanin production and even cause melanin bleaching!
  3. It can sometimes be corrected. If premature graying is caused by vitamin B12 deficiency or problems with your pituitary or thyroid gland a quick visit to your dermatologist or primary care physician can straighten that out and get your locks back to normal!

The most accepted theory is that stress and your current lifestyle will determine how soon or late you age thus determining how soon you’ll develop gray hairs. Some studies have even show that stress and lifestyle in a span as short as 3 years can lead to premature aging, giving you grays up to 5-10 years sooner than you were genetically meant to!

So keep calm, stay healthy, and don’t stress out!!

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