We are often overwhelmed with the sea of products we encounter at our local pharmacy or retail store. There are so many products out that promise to be the newest breakthrough in skin care but always fall short. We have designed a great map for you to take along with you as you hunt for the right products for you.

There are 7 categories you want to address with your skin care regimen. We call it GBPEARS!

Growth factors: Not all products are created equal. Some products state they have growth factors in them but do we really know what a growth factor is and why it works? Growth factors stimulate the growth of collagen, unfortunately for us True growth factors will often not be found at our local drug store or in our run of the mill skin creams. Growth factors are scientifically proven to work. Scientifically proven to work also means that the require physician dispensing, many high end medical offices will be able to help fulfill this essential need.

Bleaching Agents: We may not all need a FULL prescription strength bleaching agent, but we do need something to help us maintain an even skin tone. Bleaching agents like Kojic acid and Arbutin can help brighten our skin and keep pigment irregularities from popping up.

Peptides: Peptide will mimic broken down collagen tricking your body into thinking it has to produce more. Like growth factors peptides will probably not be available at your local stores but can be found in medical offices.

Exfoliants: Amazingly exfoliants are one of the best things you could ever do for your skin. Not too often of course, but exfoliants will remove the top layer of skin to aid in the penetration of all your skin care products. Exfoliants come in all shapes and sizes, yes all shapes and sizes. Some exfoliants come in lotion form and others can be devices like our favorite Clarisonic face brushes.

Antioxidants: By far the easiest category to fulfill skin care wise. Antioxidants help prevent premature aging. Common Antioxidants are vitamin C and the “oh so famous” Acai berry. Antioxidants work both on the skin and via ingestion.

Retinoids: Retinoids help speed up our skin cells turnover. This means less old skin and more new healthy skin. Retinoids are sometimes irritating to your skin. We recommend starting off every other day with this product and working your way up to and every night treatment.

Sunscreen: I could go on and on about this! Sunscreen is the only thing in your skin care line that will prevent any more damage in your skin. Sunscreen will be the key to your skin care regimen’s success.

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