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Triniti Plus™ – A Skin Rejuvenating Hat Trick

Triniti Plus Laser Treatment at Contour Dermatology

The Skincare Superhero

Looking to freshen your look but don’t know where to begin? You know you’d like to banish a few wrinkles. Uneven skin tone may be a concern. Plus, who wouldn’t like to firm things up overall? Imagine if you could address all these issues in one inclusive, non-invasive treatment session. It IS possible with the Triniti Plus™ skin series, a 3-in-1 facial treatment in which three of today’s most effective technologies are applied sequentially during the same office visit.

Total Facial Renewal

Triniti is a technologically advanced laser skin treatment by global aesthetic leaders Syneron Candela. This 3-in-1 treatment targets the most sought after rejuvenating procedures – namely: color correction, contouring, plus wrinkle diminishment and texture improvement – and yes, it accomplishes them all in a single time-saving session! No need to book multiple appointments to treat your most common facial concerns. With Triniti Plus™, one appointment does the trick.

Save time, Money and Get Better Results with Triniti Laser

Easy as 1-2-3!

One session provides three distinct treatments that are a combination of bi-polar radio frequency and light energies. First up is the color correcting aspect which is an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment. Similar to the flash of a camera, IPL passes through the top layer of skin and penetrates to the deeper layers where blood vessels, pigment and collagen are. IPL goes right to the source to address problems like facial redness, pigmentation, brown spots and hyperpigmentation.

A Sublative treatment is next on the agenda. This non-laser, non-light-based aesthetic treatment also gets under your skin. Its mission is to smooth and restore elasticity. Sublative uses fractionated bipolar radio frequency to direct heat energy and stimulate collagen growth in the deep dermis.

Finally, a unique procedure called Sublime tightens and reduces wrinkles. This combination of bipolar radio frequency and infrared light creates a synergy that makes it possible to treat fine lines on the skin’s surface as well as deeper wrinkles.

Put all the components together and that’s a Triniti Plus skin series 3-in-1 facial treatment. Safe and effective for most skin types and colors, you can expect the entire experience to last about an hour. Most patients resume their normal activities immediately following their appointment.

Typically, here at Contour, we recommend three Triniti Plus™ sessions spaced three to four weeks apart. So skip the scattershot approach to total facial renewal. We’ll help you put some focus in your rejuvenation efforts. For more information, visit our Triniti Plus page or call us at (760) 423-4000.

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* Results and your patient experience may vary

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