New injectable JUVÉDERM VOLUMA XC finally approved by FDA! As stated in our previous blog entry Voluma is one of the newest dermal fillers coming to the states and guess who gets an exclusive sneak peek!!! We do! Dr. Timothy Jochen and the team at Contour Dermatology are excited and honored to be one of the first accounts to get their hands on this new product. We will be testing it out in the weeks to come and should be able to offer it to you our wonderful patients first! Why VOLUMA you ask? and Why Dr. Jochen?

Well that’s as easy as 1-2-3…

1. Voluma is the ONLY hyaluronic acid (HA) FDA approved for use in cheeks (although off label use is common and other fillers are and can be used in this area voluma remains the ONLY FDA approved dermal filler for this area). Studies have shown product to last up to 18 months, but remember a solid “treatment plan” is required, this means there may be a series of injections needed to achieve optimal results.

2. Avoid overfilled look that may happen with other non-hylauronic acids that are semi-permanent. Because VOLUMA is an HA we can melt it if you fell overdone for any reason. Voluma can also help prevent the need for cheek implants. Why go under the knife and pay ridiculous anesthesia and surgical fees for something that you may not like, or even worse something that could possibly look weird and fake? Injectables like VOLUMA will help you achieve your desired look without breaking your bank.

3. Dr. Jochen is a Board Certified Dermatologist who understands the skin. Dermal fillers where developed by practitioners in his field of practice. Dr. Jochen has been injecting Allergan products like Botox and Juvederm for over 10 years and has mastered his craft. He has been an injector trainer for Allergan, and teaches his residents at USC how to inject dermal fillers as part of their curriculum. Dr. Jochen is in the top .01% of injectors in the nation and injects patients on a daily basis.

At Contour Dermatology we pride ourselves with being ahead of the curve and are excited to offer our patients the newest technologies and product to help patients’ look and feel younger.

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